We'll CRUSH your Skeeter problem!

What Can Skeeter Crushers Do for You?

I would like to tell you we will rid you of all mosquitoes but we can’t. What we can do is kill up to 99% of the mosquitoes the first day and up to first week, but then your neighbors mosquitoes will start coming to your property. Extended period of time.


This product will kill 90% of invading mosquitoes within a 24 hour period.


Mosquito cartoonYou see we can’t set up a force field like in a Sci-Fi movie. What we do is apply a product that is timed released over an extended period of time. This product is not harmful to humans or pets.


We do not spray lawns because mosquitoes don’t like to hide in mowed grass. Mosquitoes do like to hide in bushes, shady areas, under rocks, under decks, under tarps, around lower parts of trees, around stacked wood and in eaves on homes.  They wait for you to come by to give them a blood meal. Ladies I’m sorry, but it is true, only female mosquitoes bite because they need a blood meal to produce their eggs. Both male and female mosquitoes can live on plant nectar.


The best way to describe this program is like a military base in a forward area. You need a way to stop as many of the enemy from getting in as possible. We don’t need barbed wire we need bushes to apply to, so when they fly in to hide and wait for you they will pick up some of this product on their legs and in a short time they are not a problem anymore. Now if there are no bushes that are treated between you and their hiding place like your neighbor’s yard they can fly straight to you and we can’t stop them you need some bushes.


We can help you CRUSH your Skeeter problem!

About Skeeter Crushers


I’m Kevin Draves, I live in Midland County just north of town in Larkin Township. I was raised on this farm and it’s been in my family since 1906. My father, Victor Draves, bought the farm in the late 1930s from his parents and farmed the land until 1980. That is when I purchased the farm from him. I’ve worked on the farm since I was a kid.  I’ve grown corn, soybeans, and dry beans; such as Navy Beans that go into the Bush Brother’s baked beans and small red beans that go in Wendy’s chili.

For many years I’ve used many products to control weed and insects on my farm. I have been a state certified private applicator since the late seventies. Last winter I took the test for F7 card this is for Mosquito Control. Then I applied for a State Pesticide Application Business license and received it.

I would like to help with your Skeeter problem and together we’ll Crush’em.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Skeeter Crushers kill all Mosquitoes in my yard?

Yes and no, virtually all mosquitoes will be gone the day of the application. However, your neighbors’ mosquitoes will keep coming onto your property and until they get in the bushes we spray they may bother you. Tests show that normally about 90% of incoming mosquitoes die in 24 hours of entry to bushes that have been treated.


Can you kill other insects?

Other insects will die with this application but we are certified only for mosquitoes outside of the home. We cannot spray inside your home.


Is this product bad for bees and other pollinators?

Yes, we will not spray flowering plants.


What areas or locations do you serve?

We currently serve Midland County in Michigan.


Are you and your employee’s state certified?

Yes, the state of Michigan requires a commercial pesticide applicator to be certified. The certification is a category: F7 that is for Mosquito Control only.


Do you have a business License?

Yes, Skeeter Crushers LLC has a State of Michigan Business license and a pesticide application business license. Pesticide Application Business License number, PABL#560033.


How toxic is this Product?

We blend two products together and both have CAUTION on the label and are class III.


What are the different levels of toxicity on products?

The most toxic has a DANGER / POISON and a "Skull & Crossbones" on the label it is called class I.

The next less toxic is WARNING on the label they are class II.

The next less toxic is CAUTION on the label they are class III.

The next less toxic is CAUTION or no signal word they are class IV.

" We would like to help with your Skeeter problem and together we’ll Crush’em”


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